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Handling your personal data

Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com cares about your personal integrity and strives to protect your personal information in the best possible way. This policy describes Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com’s provisions regarding the collection and processing of personal data and the use of cookies. Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com commits to respecting and protecting such information and your personal integrity in accordance with current Swedish legislation.
By accepting our terms, you agree that we use your personal information accordingly.
We will not share your personal information with our partners, except for the accommodation/organizer of the activity and/or events you booked, or to any third parties, unless there are special reasons such as: if police, prosecutors or similar request information.

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When visiting our website:

Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com may save information about your preferences and in which way you use the websites of the destination organizations that are part of Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com or social media that is connected to any of these companies and other third parties such as ad networks etc. Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com may save your IP address, what you publish on the Internet, for example social media, searches you make via search engines on the Internet, which website you came from before visiting any of our websites and which website you visit after visiting, what choices you make and what kind of information and events you are interested in. Demographic and geographical information may also be saved.

When responding to questionnaires/market surveys/web forms:

Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com saves information from market surveys and newsletters; your answers to and use of market surveys, advertisements and e-mails may be saved. For example, information about your use of newsletters via e-mail, including opening of newsletters, which links are clicked and what kind of information you show interest in may be saved.

How information is collected:
Information you provide yourself in contact with Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com. You can provide Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com with information when creating an account, selecting settings or services, booking online, telephone contact, contacting Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com via web forms or emails etc.

Details about your preferences and usage:
Are retrieved through so-called cookies or beacons placed by Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/visitsoderhamn.se or placed there by third parties. Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/visitsoderhamn.se may also collect such information from social medias or other third parties such as ad networks or newsletters.

Why do we process personal data?

  • It enables conventional customer management and enables us to fulfil our commitments to you

  •  It enables us to offer higher service levels

  •  It ensures that each organization has access to reliable personal documentation in the event of an accident

  • In order to provide you with relevant content in the form of newsletters, ads, text messages or other types of information that you desire.

Who do we share personal data with?
Certain information about you and your preferences may be transferred to third parties, also in countries outside the EU. This is either done automatically by third-party cookies (see section below on cookies) placed on a company within Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com, or that information is actively sent to or retrieved by companies that are doing business analysis of the information for Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com. For non-EU countries, other laws may apply to the protection of your personal data.

For how long do we save your data?
Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB/scandinavianxperience.com saves your personal information as long as it is necessary to achieve the purposes described in the policy. If you unsubscribe from our services, we will remove your personal information as soon as possible, with the exception of anonymous data that we may save for statistical purposes and for ads posted in our social media.

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If you want to know more

Once per calendar year, you can find out for free which of your personal data we handle. Your written request must be sent to the address below and must be signed by you personally. You may at any time request that we correct or remove the information about you if your information proves to be incorrect or out of date. Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB (corporate identity number: 556966-7495) is personally responsible in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance (GDPR)

Contact details:

Visit Hälsingland Gästrikland AB
Box 227
801 04 Gävle


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