“If you go down to the woods today you’re sure of a big surprise; if you go down to the woods today ...” and stay in a bear hide, bears are going about their daily lives, unaware of your presence, just a few meters away. Remember ... silence is golden.

Bear. Photo Sara Wennerqvist.

Bears, Wildlife & Nature

The only realistic way to see a wild bear is to spend a night in one of the bear hides. Gävleborg has Sweden’s most dense population of brown bear and just outside the village of Kungsberg is Sweden’s most southerly bear hide. These overnight experiences are about more than just bears. Nature is not silent. Turn off your phone, listen to the breeze rustling the leaves, the bird song and the river flowing gentle in the distance. These are the sounds of nature. Watch in silence as birds, bears and other wildlife live in perfect harmony hidden in the tall pine forests of Gävleborg. Photo: Sara Wennerqvist.