Medieval times at Oklagård

Step into the Middle Ages with fairy-tales and songs!
See the newly built ”pilgrim church” and sit in the intimate fire-house - just as the Vikings once did!

Wander into the Saga, listen to the log fire in the fire-house, and to the peaceful tones and the adventurous legends of the forest. Enjoy the scents and tastes of old times.

Per-ceive the mighty construction of the stave church and sink into the medieval atmosphere.
Welcome to an experience beyond the boisterous life of today.


Welcome to the new-old Swedish homestead, Oklagård, with ”Ödmårdens stave church” - a pilgrim temple built in the authentic twelfth century style, virtually by one man alone, the farm master himself. You will be greeted on the parkingplace beside the small church by a guide, dressed in medieval costume, who will after a while lead you into the intimate little fire-house. There you can sense the atmosphere of times past, and in the flickering log fire light the echo of old times is brought forth in songs and sagas from the vast, so called, forest of Ödmården (-"the desolate forest"). There will be served old style vegetarian soup with homebaked bread, cheese, meat and other things.

There is also some physical activity: perhaps give ”throwing the axe” a try, or have you ever tried holding a cross-bow in your arms?
Experience the primitive romantic ambience of this place, where history and saga are blended as well as times past and present. If you like, try a sip from the drinking horn in the ”viking manner”.

This will be an evening to be remembered - by all senses!

Don’t forget you warm sweater. The event will take place in all kinds of weather.

Note that a minimum of five (5) participants are required for the event to take place. In case of eventual cancellation, the participant will be notified by four (4) weeks before. Full refund will take place alternatively rebooking to another date.

The event is not recomended for small children under 6 years, when there is long moments of sitting still, listening to songs and storys.

Organizer: Wox Hjulia

Contact information
  • Address: Oklagård, Norrbo , 816 94 Ockelbo