Round-cut rocks and orange-shining sea buckthorn thickets by a dazzling, roaring or roaring sea!


At Billudden, Uppsalaåsen juts out like an elongated headland into the sea. The cape offers a beautiful and unique landscape with exciting plants and geology.

Billhamn, an old fishing village, is about 3 km out on Billudden. These kilometers you walk along a narrow gravel road lined with lush greenery with many common and unusual plants. In Billhamn there is a bay and around the bay are old fishing cabins. The cabins are private, so show consideration for those who live there. There is also a toilet, a barbecue area and a fishing pier, which are all adapted to be accessible to everyone. Paved roads without steep slopes should make it possible to get around with both a wheelchair and a walker. For those who have difficulty moving, there is also a car park in Billhamn (see further descriptions for each device here in the Naturkartan).

But for those of you who can and have the stamina, it is well worth getting to the very end. Then follow the 1.8 km long Vattenstigen which starts from Billhamn. The path leads you along the pebble beaches out to Billskaten, Uppland's northernmost point, and back. Out here, the sea is open as far as the eye can see. On the way back, you pass a stone square, a sign of the ongoing land rise, which here is large, about 70 cm in 100 years. The beaches are lined with sea buckthorn bushes, which in autumn make Billudden even more beautiful with their orange berries.

If you look a little among the red limestone on the beach, you will find fossils of extinct octopuses and trilobites. But keep in mind that Billudden is a nature reserve and that you are not allowed to take stones home with you.

Rullsand's sea bath and campsite are also located in the Billudden nature reserve.

Special rules apply in nature reserves, click on the link to the regulations to read more.

Trustee: County Administrative Board. Rullsand's sea bath and camping are managed by the Upplandsstiftelsen.

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